Withdrawals Re-enabled!

Thank you for you patience, we’ve re-enabled withdrawals and deposits following the Bitcoin fork (or altcoin creation) yesterday.

Why were they disabled?

On August 1st, there was expected to be a fork in the bitcoin blockchain resulting in two versions of bitcoin. Due to the amount of conflicting information and the level of uncertainty over exactly what would happen with two similar but notionally incompatible blockchains, Solidi and many other exchanges took the decision to halt withdrawals and deposits to ensure the safety of funds.

What happened?

As expected, yesterday an ‘alternative’ bitcoin known as Bitcoin Cash was forked from the main bitcoin blockchain. Depending on your point of view this is either another version of bitcoin or an altcoin. Here on we will call them:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) (aka BIP91, Segwit, Segwit2x, UASF)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCC) (aka BU, Bitcoin ABC, UAHF)

Will Solidi support Bitcoin Cash?

The current plan is to support Bitcoin Cash in the near future, assuming the network continues to support it. There are no definite dates for this. When this happens you will get a Bitcoin Cash balance equivalent to the Bitcoin holding at the point of the fork.


Don’t hesitate to get in contact!

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