Sell Bitcoins in the UK, instantly!

So a post on Reddit today asked how to sell bitcoins easily in the UK. So we prepared a nice step by step guide with images – of course, you can’t post images in comments on reddit – so here’s the guide in full.

1. Register an Account

Easy! Click on the link in the confirm email we send to you.



2. Deposit your Bitcoins

Scan the QR code to send your funds to our secure cold storage wallet, ready to be sold. It will take 6 confirms (about an hour) before you can sell them – we’ll email you when this is done, but while you’re waiting….



3. Supply your bank details

Enter your name and your bank sortcode + account number so that we can send the fund to you.



4. Sell

Enter the amount you want to sell, either in BTC or pounds. Click on sell. On the following screen accept the terms and conditions and click on Confirm.



5. Wait for the buyer to send the funds

This usually take about a minute, but can sometimes take longer.



6. Confirm the funds have arrived

Check your bank account to check the funds have arrived and click on the “Payment Received” button



7. Done

That’s it, you’ve sold your bitcoins in just a couple of minutes (excluding the deposit time, which we can’t do much about).

Tell your friends!



Lots to sell?

If you’ve got lots of BTC to sell and are technically minded, then why not become a Solidi broker?

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