Instant free withdraws are back!

We’re delighted to announce we’re bringing back Instant Free withdrawals!

With each purchase on Solidi, you now get a withdrawal credit, enabling you to send you coins with our Immediate Service at no cost!

We’ve also reduced the cost of withdrawals by 10x – they now should be virtually identical to the network fees.

And to celebrate, everyone gets a free Immediate withdraw credit, so your next withdraw will be instant and free!

Why is this happening?

At the end of 2017 we had to disable our Free Instant withdraws as the cost of using the bitcoin network had increased so much. Since the New Year the the costs have dropped down, so we’re re-introducing the Free Instant option.

Why do I have to make a purchase?

While we would like to make all withdrawals free and instant, as we operate a wallet we need to protect against potential misuse, such as customers sending lots of small withdrawals, which might be very expensive for Solidi. With the withdrawal credit system, you get free withdrawals with each purchase, and if you use Solidi as a wallet then you can pay for additional withdrawals.

Are the Free 8 hour withdrawals still available?

Yes they are! They are usually sent at the same time as other withdrawals. They should be sent much sooner in the future as we send out more Immediate withdrawals.


Any other questions, please ask below or send us an email!

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