Setup Auto Buy for Lloyds Bank customers

Setting up Solidi Auto Buy with Lloyds is simple.

1) In your account, select “Pay & transfer” at the bottom.

2) Select “Choose who to pay”.

3) Click “Pay someone new”,

4) Choose “Pay a person or company”.

5) Enter the account name (Lloyds call this the “payee name”), sort code, and account number.

Tick “Are you paying a business?”.

Click “Continue”.

Lloyds will then check the account name and details.

6) Choose an amount and enter your personal Solidi reference.

(don’t use the reference below – get your personal reference from the Solidi Auto Buy page)

7) Scroll down and select the option “Make a standing order”.

Choose a payment frequency, and the date of the first payment.

Click “Continue”. (This will probably happen automatically.)

8) Review the standing order, and click “Confirm.”

Congratulations, you are done!

Solidi will email you when we receive your Auto Buy payment and purchase your crypto. It will be added to your secure cold storage wallet, helping you securely save for your future!

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