Announcing Solidi P2P Instant Sell

As we get ready to launch Solidi P2P we decided it was about time we discussed some of Solidi’s features which set us out from the crowd. In this post, we’ve going to talk about Selling.

Buying into Digital Currencies has been getting much easier over the last couple of years. But selling has not improved much. Options have been limited and suffered from being complicated, slow and expensive. As many of the digital currency advocates we have spoken to have complained – you can sell, but then there are all sorts of hidden charges or paperwork in getting the money back to your bank account. Not to mention having to explain to your bank where the international transfer has come from.

Hassle free Selling

Solidi P2P Instant Sell changes all that. With a combination of our simple to use website and our tight banking integration, our users can now sell their digital currency as easily as they can buy it.

  1. Register an account
    This is as simple as supplying your email address and clicking on the link in the confirmation email. Why do we need to know your email address? Simply to help us quickly resolve any problems which might occur.
  2. Upload your bitcoins
    Simply scan the QR code and upload your coins. Coins appear in the Incomming Transactions list instantly and can be sold after the usual 6 confirmations.
  3. Tell us your bank account details
    Your buyer can’t pay you without these.
  4. Place an order to sell
    Enter the quantity you wish to sell. The price you get is the highest price being offered by any of the buyers on our market.
  5. Get paid
    Once you have placed your order, we inform the buyer who will pay you immediately. Generally the money will arrive in your account in less than 60 seconds. In rare cases it can take up to two hours.
    Once you have received your payment, please click the “Payment Received” button so that we can release the currency to your buyer.


From Sell order to cash in under 60 seconds. You can’t ask for more than that.

If you have any questions please contact us or leave a comment.

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