We’re out of Beta!


Solidi is now open for anyone to signup and buy or sell Bitcoins. Using our platform, you can now buy and sell bitcoins in under 60 seconds! And we provide a cold storage wallet for you to store your coins – yes, all offline, completely secure.

And not only that, we’re also the cheapest in the UK, just ask Bittybot!

New users get a small intro limit of 0.0025 BTC, you can register your mobile number to double this and it will continue to increase as you trade.

Verify your ID for higher limits

You can upload your Identification Documents and Proof of Address on the setting page to enable us to electronically verify your identity to increase your limits to 10 BTC / month! Higher limits are available too – just contact support.

Got coins to sell? Or want to buy in large quantities?

Then register to become a Market Maker! We supply your the software to trade, connect to your bank and process transactions. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be signing up additional market makers.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in the beta testing. Your comments, support and patience (when things didn’t quite go as planned) were invaluable. And thanks to everyone who signed up, even if you didn’t make it onto the beta programme – your support and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated!


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