Setup Auto Buy for HSBC customers

Setting up Solidi Auto Buy with HSBC is simple.

1) Open the Payments screen

Click on the “Pay & Transfer” tab (bottom of screen)
Click on “Make a Payment or Transfer”

2) Add a new Payee

2) Enter Solidi’s bank account details

Don’t forget the Auto Buy reference and then click on “Check Payee Details”

3) Confirm the account details

Our bank is not part of the Confirmation of Payee checking service so your bank cannot check the name on our account. However, as long as you have entered the payment details correctly then the payment will work correctly.

4) Enter the amount and create a standing order

Enter the amount you wish to purchase, check the “Reference” is your Auto Buy reference and then click on the “Create a standing order?” slider.

In the newly revealed details enter the “Start Date” and set the Frequency of the payment.

5) Check the details

On the final screen, check the details are correct and click on “Confirm”.

Congratulations, you are done!

Solidi will email you when we receive your Auto Buy payment and purchase your crypto. It will be added to your secure cold storage wallet, helping you securely save for your future!


    • Yes, it works for all banks which support Faster Payments (basically every UK bank). We’re working on guides for the rest of the banks but it takes time. Let us know what bank you want and we’ll see what we can do!


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